Funding Advice

We know that for people and their families considering care options, the financial implications can be a major concern, particularly when there is so much media attention and debate. Looking after a loved one in the right way should be about their individual needs being met and, crucially, their quality of life.

Clifton Homecare can assist you with funding advice when looking at the possible options open to you.

Initial Assessment:
We will visit each client at their place of residence to evaluate needs, discuss options, and develop a Plan of Care.

Benefit Determination:
We help to identify any programs, community resources, or benefits that might be available for our clients. Your local authority or department for work and pensions may be able to provide financial support and advice about funding. This includes non means tested Attended Allowance. Dependent on need, continuing healthcare funding may be arranged and provided through the NHS which can be used to cover the costs of Personal Care.

Development and Ongoing Plan of Care:
We incorporate all the orders and recommendations from your physicians, case managers, healthcare providers and our own initial assessment in order to develop an effective Plan of Care. This plan will describe all the services required, the proposed frequency, cost of each service, potential equipment and supplies needed and the possible payment sources.

This process could start before the client is discharged from the hospital, rehab or other healthcare facility. We will work with the attending physician, discharge planner, family and the client to determine the proper Plan of Care and agree on the specific goals to maximise the healing process. Clients will be assessed on an individual basis and the cost for the service will depend on the care requirements needed. This would be discussed at the initial assessment stage.

For a full list of funding options that may be available to you, please contact us on 01253 722945 

To discuss your funding options, please contact us on 01253 722945