Bringing Tender Loving Care Into Your Home

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Bringing Tender Loving Care Into Your Home
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Clifton Homecare Team

Jacquie Green

Senior Domiciliary Care Assistant

Jacquie Green – Senior Domiciliary Care Assistant 

Jacquie with a ‘q’ was born in Fleetwood and grew up in Thornton-Cleveleys with her 2 sisters. Jacquie has 2 grown up children, her son, Shea, is almost 33 and her daughter, Eve who is 27.

Jacquie has a passion for animals and, as most people know, has 2 huge dogs, Perry and Meeko, and 2 wee cats, Bert and Flo. Jacquie’s dream holiday would be either an African safari or back to Canada where the wildlife is amazing. If she won the lottery she would open her own animal sanctuary.

Jacquie is very crafty and in her spare time likes to knit, sew and crochet to relax. Jacquie’s Nan taught her to knit when she was 5 years old and around that time she had a toy (but fully functioning) sewing machine that she used to make dolls clothes on. Jacquie has made wedding dresses, bridesmaid dresses and ball gowns for friends and family over the years and has recently taught herself to crochet.