What our clients and their families say about us…

“I cannot thank you enough for the care you all gave me when I needed it. I will never be worried to have carers again when I need them. Best wishes to you all!”

Never need to worry again!

“I can’t tell you how Clifton Homecare have changed our family’s life. My 86 year old Mum has vascular dementia and suddenly became night-time incontinent and I was at my wits end travelling every day to change sheets and wash her. Right from the start Margaret and her team gave me confidence with their professional yet very friendly, caring and sincere approach to our situation. All the staff at Clifton Homecare have made my brother and I feel part of their family and have offered us much needed advice from all sectors of the system, both emotionally and financially. Thank you so much for making a very difficult, alien situation into one we can cope with. Clifton Homecare is a gem caring for local people in our beautiful part of the Fylde.”

Clifton Homecare have changed our family’s life