Why Choose Us?

Our aim at Clifton Homecare is to provide tender loving care into people’s homes

Our vision being to provide a level of care that we would be happy with for our own family or ourselves

Our Core Values

Clifton Homecare is driven by our core values which are:

Family and a Sharing of Common Kinship

Our vision is to provide care to a standard that we would expect for our own family or ourselves.

Our work ethics ensure that we work as a strong team, this is underpinned by a common belief that our clients and their families are part of the Clifton Homecare family. Working together, we build strong bonds with our clients to ensure that they feel part of that family which ensures they receive the highest quality of care.

Learning, Growth & Development

Continuous professional development is taken seriously by the team at Clifton Homecare.

The care team receive regular high-quality training in many relevant areas, in addition to the mandatory subjects.

This continuous development helps to ensure care staff are knowledgeable, which in turn maximises confidence and competence levels for all. Caroline personally delivers most of the training at Clifton Homecare and she herself is eager to ensure that her own competences and knowledge are regularly refreshed.

Caroline regularly supports individual team members whether they be 16-year-old apprentices or employees in their 70’s.

Ambitious people are welcomed into the team they are encouraged and supported to develop themselves on both a personal and professional basis.


Being fully aware of the risk’s social isolation present, the team at Clifton Homecare are passionate to provide opportunities for all.

Social outings are organised regularly either on an individual, small group or a larger group basis.  Clients are also given the opportunity and support to go away on holiday with likeminded people.

Clifton Homecare have an adapted mini bus to help ensure that less mobile/ wheel chair dependant clients can participate in these activities.

Individuality is celebrated, and person-centred care forms the basis of the care we provide.

Honesty and Transparency

Here at Clifton Homecare, honesty and transparency is at the heart of everything we do.

We work with an open culture which ensures that we share any concerns or issues in a way which enables continuous improvement and service development.

This ensures that our team develops and improves our service delivery to benefit our clients and their families.