Bringing Tender Loving Care Into Your Home

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Bringing Tender Loving Care Into Your Home
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Clifton Homecare Family and a sharing of a common kinship Our Values Clifton Homecare Our aim is to provide tender loving care into people’s homes
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View Testimonials Clifton Homecare "I cannot thank you enough for the care you all gave me when I needed it. I will never be worried to have carers again when I need them"

Dementia Care

We aspire to support people living with Dementia to live healthy, active and fulfilling lives promoting choice, dignity and well-being. Our local care management team coordinate experienced and specialised care staff to provide one to one Dementia services at home.

Our Dementia home care service is tailored to meet your individual need starting from as little as one hour to 24 hours a day, 7 days a week including waking night care.

Clifton Homecare’s Dementia care service is led by a SPECAL Practitioner trained by the Contented Dementia Trust at their Centre of Excellence at Burford. Our SPECAL Practitioner is trained to understand the disability of Dementia from the perspective of the person with the condition and to deliver coaching to all those who come into contact with them so that everyone is on side and on message to deliver a therapeutic outcome for all concerned.

All staff receive a basic induction in the SPECAL method. The SPECAL method is a positive way of managing Dementia, rooted in person centred care to promote well-being 24 hours a day, every day for life. The method uses the analogy of a photograph album to describe, in a particular way, how normal memory works, the impact of ageing and the single dramatic change that occurs with the onset of Dementia.

All of our staff are trained to use the SPECAL Photograph Album as part of an integrated communication toolkit and to follow SPECAL’S Three Golden Rules to sustain well-being:-

  • Don’t ask direct questions
  • Listen to the expert – the person with Dementia
  • Don’t contradict

Clifton Homecare works closely with the network of family and friends, valuing each person’s role and helping them to promote a sustainable sense of well-being not only for the person with Dementia but also for everyone else involved.

SPECAL’S Three Golden Rules

1 – Don’t ask direct questions

SPECAL’S Three Golden Rules

2 – Listen to the expert – the person with Dementia

SPECAL’S Three Golden Rules

3 – Don’t contradict